#1 AdBlock Detection Plugin for WordPress

AdUnblocker is the most advanced plugin that helps publishers run their ads even when users use tools such as Adblock, AdBlock Plug, AdGuard, UBlock Origin or Anti-Adblock Killer. Whether you are running a personal blog or a magazine website, AdUnblocker will help you increase your ad revenue.

AdUnblocker is very simple to install and use. Contact us for help, we are here for you!

AdUnblocker Lite

  • Does not require any library dependencies (jQuery or anything else)
  • Super lightweight
  • Fast, non-blocking script loading
  • Random class naming to avoid detection by Anti-AdUnblockers
  • Random file naming to avoid detection by Anti-AdUnblockers
  • Adopts to you theme
  • Set delay in seconds before messages disappears
  • Hidden/Unhidden close button on custom message OR close message automatically after a few seconds
  • Customise the look and feel of the popup
  • Smooth admin panel for an easy and fast setup
  • Developed with WordPress best practices in mind
  • Removes settings from database on plugin uninstall
  • Works with all popular caching plugins
  • Works with SSL

AdUnblocker Pro

Updated on: 15-Oct-2022

  • All AdUnblocker Lite features
  • Set your own text for the notice
  • Change adblock notice title
  • You can show a sticky notice always on the screen unless user whitelists your website
  • You can opt for a “Strict mode” to hide your entire website until your website is whitelisted
  • Message delay in seconds
  • Hidden/Unhidden “close button on custom message OR close message automatically after a few seconds
  • Support Images and shortcodes (eg: PayPal button)
  • NEW! Polylang Support
  • NEW! Restore the popup even if manually deleted via Source Code (F12)
  • NEW! Added scope, target page loads or sessions
  • NEW! Disable AdUnblocker on selected pages
  • NEW! Disable AdUnblocker for registered users
  • Custom features support ( send us an email )