WP Agentbox Sync

#1 Agentbox Plugin for WordPress

Effortlessly add your real estate listings to your WordPress website with the help of our simple plugin. Just click the button and let the REST API do the work for you.

No need for manual input or complicated setup - simply connect your accounts and let our plugin do the rest.

One-Click Listing Integration for Real Estate Websites

Easy Integration

Connect your accounts and transfer listings with just one click. No need for complicated setup or manual input.

Time Saving

Automate the process of updating your website with new listings. Save time and focus on other tasks.

Convenient Access

All of your listings in one place, on your WordPress website

Accurate Transfer

Eliminate the risk of errors from manual input with our automated system

Up-to-Date Information

Keep your website current and attract potential buyers with the latest listings, Improve SEO.

Efficient Solution

Streamline your online presence and save time with our convenient plugin

How does it work?

Our plugin makes it easy to display property listings on your WordPress website. Simply install, choose which fields to sync, and select a template. In no time, you'll have professional-looking property listings on your site.

Install the Plugin

Install the plugin by uploading it to your WordPress website, activate the plugin.

Enter API Key Details

Once the plugin is installed, you will need to enter your API key details in order to link your account.

Choose Fields to Sync

Choose which fields you want to sync. These fields could include things like property address, price, number of bedrooms, etc.

Display Meta Fields

Once you have selected the fields you want to sync, the plugin will create additional meta fields for each property listing. These meta fields will allow you to display the property information via custom templates on your website.

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Our Pricing Plans

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Individuals or Freelancers
Save $99.84
1 Site License
Free Updates
Premium Support
All features




Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs
Save $199.92
3 Sites License
Free Updates
Premium Support
All features




Agencies and Professionals
Save $588
15 Sites License
Free Updates
Premium Support
All features