AdUnblocker Pro Documentation

Table of contents

Installation Instructions

Before you begin, please ensure that you have uninstalled any existing free version of AdUnblocker.

Follow these steps to install and activate AdUnblocker Pro on your WordPress site:

  1. Download:
  1. Uninstall Free Version:
  1. Upload to WordPress:
  1. Activate the Plugin:
  1. License Activation:

For additional support, contact our support team at support@digitalapps.com

AdUnblocker Pro Plugin Settings




Note: Disable any browser ad blockers for the color pickers to work.


Whitelist Pages to Disable AdUnblocker

AdUnblocker Pro allows you to whitelist specific pages, preventing the AdUnblocker from running on those pages. Follow these steps to disable AdUnblocker on selected pages:

  1. Visit the Page:
  1. Checkbox: Disable AdUnblocker on this Page:
  1. Check the Checkbox:
  1. Save Changes:

AdUnblocker will now be disabled on the whitelisted page, allowing you to control where the plugin is active.